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Here is the final project from the submarine stencil. I am still trying to cut out the new stencil using the oiled paper technique to try with t-shirts.

I have a major announcement…….I finished the pirate quilt. It feels so good to finally have it completed and resting on Rhys’ bed. He loves it which is reward enough since he went through a very anti-pirate stage. I took some photos today, but they are just way too dark. I am going to attempt again tomorrow. Speaking of average photos, this one isn’t the best either. I am just going to go ahead and blame the weather and not the photographer.

Speaking of tomorrow…………I feel like a kid on Xmas eve. I am going to the Darling Harbour quilt show sans kids! I am so excited! I missed it last year and feel quite virtuous in finishing my pirate quilt that I feel justification to run out and buy a whole bunch of new projects Ha ha.

Sloan has not slept the night since last Friday and I am tired, tired, tired. I hope we get some sleep tonight so I don’t make bad, sleep deprived decisions in fabric buying tomorrow. No sleep and major fabric selection do not mix.


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