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I saw this pencil roll on one of my favorite websites Pink Chalk over a year ago.  I even bought the pencils to make one at the time, but somehow in the moving house and Sloan’s first two years on this planet I never got around to it.   In her absence last week I managed to attempt the pattern!


The pattern is detailed in the book I can’t stop writing about, “Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts” by Joelle Hoverson.  The pattern was very easy to follow and I love the result.  I copied one of Kathy’s inspirations using a black and white print on the outside to juxtapose the burst of rainbow inside.   Kathy sells the pattern in her shop.

This present is heading over to the UK to a good friend of mine who is very artistic.  I hope she will enjoy it and she is a Virgo so I think she will like the super anal organizational quality of it. 

I will definitely attempt this again for the kids.  Fantastic present!

We are still surviving lock down with the Chicken Pox.  Poor Rhys has been suffering in the heat.  Thank goodness it is cooler today. 

I haven’t been able to sew as much since we came grinding to a halt here with illness.  I was ever so clever and bought some sweet strawberry kits and pattern from Heather Bailey a few months ago for Christmas crafting.  I can find the kits, but the pattern?  Geez I annoy myself sometimes!  I have been hunting for two days and going to write it off as something I am sure we will find when we move next year.  Sigh. 

I am reading a fascinating book right now called the “100 Mile Diet” which is about a couple in Vancouver who only eat food in the 100 mile radius of where they lived for a year.  It is a really great book and while I won’t follow suit, I will take on board what they are writing about and make some subtle changes in how we eat.  It has also inspired me to add more to our veggie patch in hopes we can grow just that much more in our backyard.


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