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Things are looking up! Got my computer back after a quick hiatus. Bad news is the techo confirmed it is a hardware issue so it will have to take a holiday to the computer doctor soon. I am really over technical difficulties.

I bought this book at the Sydney Quilt show last month. Oh My! It is filled with so many projects and just too little time in my world to complete them. I have my eye on one project in particular, but sticking to my having to finish something before I can start a new one. Such a stupid rule. I also bought two other patterns and fabric from their booth which I posted on flickr. It was such a highlight to see Kathy and Sarah. They are true living artists in our quilting community and we are so lucky they published this book sharing their patterns and ideas.

Anyone out there watching, “A Farmer Wants A Wife”. Embarrassed to admit just how much I love this show. On tonight!


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