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The photos I took of the skates on my tree inside were less than stellar so here are the skates on the bushes outside.  I also cut out a few skates to glue together as ornaments as kid versions of the same concept. 

Rhys has one more days of school. Sigh. Christmas really is coming.  I think there is going to be a lot of Christmas kids craft once school is out.

Ornaments and instructions can be found here.


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With great sadness I returned the “Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts” by Joelle Hoverson to the library. I didn’t even peek at the other craft books they have as I need to finish a few ornaments before Christmas. I am sure I will check that book out again I loved it so much.

 The kids are really hard on the delicate Christmas ornaments right now so I opted for a flock of birds for our willow tree (pattern in book above).   It was such an easy, fun way to get ready for Christmas.  It was also a great way to move along some of the smaller scraps I had lingering in my sewing basket.

birdtreeNot all of the birds have perfect beaks, but the way they are being “treasured” by the kids I am okay with it. 

Mark was cleaning out the car tonight and found my missing Heather Bailey pattern for the strawberries!  So excited!  I just have a few skates to finish that I started to compensate for the misplaced pattern and the pent up ornament making need I had.

Rhys is busy decorating the tree and eating candy canes like they are going out of style.

He was back at school this week after his Chicken Pox ended.  We were lucky because it was a light case. Now we are waiting on pins and needles to see if Sloan will come out in spots. 


















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