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Christmas Crafting


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I found this very cute toy soldier fabric at Spotlight and wanted to make some pillowcases for my six year old nephew. I stumbled upon the “Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts” book at my local library by Joelle Hoverson. It has the most amazing projects. You can see the amount of post it notes I have on the pages in the photo. This is a craft book I would seriously contemplate buying because it is just filled with cute projects. The tablecloth and napkins in it are calling my name right now!

The pillowcase was really easy to make. I wish my topstitching was a bit better, but I think I would try a different tecnique next time. I always seem to learn the hard way on the first time project.

I am going to try to finish up some rice bags as last minute gifts for some overseas friends and family. I bought one and use it all the time especially during winter in our freezing house. I found a great tutorial on the Sew Mama Sew blogand like the idea of the washable cover. I won’t stuff the rice in, just dried lavender and some instructions how to fill and sew off the inside rice bag otherwise the postage on rice bags overseas will kill me!

Happy Christmas crafting everyone. I can’t believe how quickly it is coming!

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I had grandiose plans to sew another doll and pillow for the school auction, but I now have a head cold. It is ridiculous how bad our health has been this winter. Mark has just whipped Sloan down to a late night doctor with a suspect eye. Those first days of Spring were a tease, but hopefully they will be back very soon! I have the start of a dinosaur pillow. Let’s see if I can pull it together tonight.

The rocket is something I made up on my own and the robot is one of Hilary’s Wee Wonderful patterns. I love the robot. I left the pocket open in case someone wants to use it as a tooth fairy pillow.

Force be with me sewing tonight!

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Melbourne was so fun! What a great city!!! The food and the fashion! Overall the vibe was so amazing. I loved how everyone dressed so individually and their clothes looked more like works of art rather than functional wear. When I think of Melbourne I think of the word “groovy”.

My girlfriend and I went to the Melbourne Design Markets at Federation square thanks to the heads up from Jodie at Ric Rac. So many cool designs and the place was heaving with visitors.

The photos above were presents for a good girlfriend who just had her third baby boy. I made a pillow for each of the boys. I had to sneak them out the door because Rhys had his eyes on that helicopter one.

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Here are the photos of the pirate quilt. The design is called, “Party on Shark Island” and I purchased it as a kit from the lovely, talented ladies from Material Obsession. Those ladies are sorceresses with fabric. 

Emi’s Patch in Eastwood quilted it for me.

I love it and so happy with the results. More importantly, the little guy loves it and has it on his bed.

I had a hard time trying to capture all the detail on the camera, so more photos on flickr.

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