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Summer Quilt

Summer Quilt

Finally! It only took a year of hand quilting in between baby number 3, but it is finally finished. Sloan has named it her, “Summer quilt” and has called it such for the past year.

The fabric is from Prints Charming and the design was inspired from one of the quilts in the Material Obsession books.

I have one happy little girl and seeing her sleep with her new summer quilt is the perfect reward after all the hours of hand quilting.


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A Little Bird

What do you get when you mix a four year old and a craft project? Lots and lots of color and ideas. What initially started as a t-shirt with a small bird escalated into the following photo.

Her enthusiasm was contagious and I just let her run with the ideas she kept spurting out. It makes me smile to see her in it even though that shirt will be too small in a short amount of time. I hope these projects will give her good memories when she is older.

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It has been a long year! Our third baby is turning one and the past year has been a fun filled, sleep deprived blur. I was just showing my older two kids the blog and remembered how much fun I used to have posting. I have been working on a major project that is almost finished so hopefully will be able to post some photos soon. In the meantime here is a project that has been lingering in the craft basket for some time.

The pattern and kit came from Heather Bailey and was so easy and a joy to make. I can’t believe I have had it in there for so long.

Here it is in all it’s completed glory. Hopefully some more projects that have been left collecting dust will see the light of day.

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The Red Thread


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Quick and easy doll for Sloan’s fourth birthday. She loves it and it was way too easy to make. I bought my face and fabrics from Material Obsession. The doll is made by http://www.theredthread.com.au.

I wrapped up the fabric and doll instructions for Sloan to open on her birthday and it made a great project present instead of the regular plasic four year old toys. Big hit with her friends too.

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There was the cutest stand at the Darling Harbour quilt show this year. Campbell’s Store Craft Centre had these very cute kits to make sock monkeys. I don’t know why I never made one of these before, but so easy and fun for the kids.

I had the shock of my life earlier this month. Our baby arrived 3.5 weeks early! We welcomed a baby boy October 5th. He is doing well now and we are on track after a bit of a shaky start to life. Going to have to buy another sock now that we know what color we are shopping for.

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Here are the final photos of my Garden Party quilt. I love how it turned out and I am feeling a bit sad that it is not mine! I made it for my parents and I hope they will love it as much as I do.

I had this quilt professionally quilted and love how it looks. I am running out of time with some quilting projects and needed a bit of help from the quilting professionals. Material Obsession organized the professional quilting and it is just perfect.

I am hand quilting a baby quilt at the moment finding one night of work is about one square. I have 16 squares to quilt and a border so need to get to work!

If you are interested in making this quilt, I think Material Obsession would make another kit up. I bought mine in January at the shop in Hunters Hill. I only wish I could take credit for mixing these fantastic colors and shapes!

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I have been trying to reduce our energy consumption this year and we have been having some success. We lived in a smaller house before and moving to an open plan house in winter…..shock when the electric bill came.

Another thing we are working on is reusable products all around. I have been on the shopping bag bandwagon for some time and just purchased a reusable coffee cup which is magic.

I bought two napkins for our kids at the Be Be Japanese stand at Darling Harbour. Easiest craft ever to make and so beautiful.

Busy sewing bindings, basting quilts and hoping to sneak over to the Hunter Hill show tomorrow. Sewing all around, just nothing finished!

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