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Spring Projects

Prints Charming hosted the most amazing sale the other weekend.  We arrived a hour after opening and the place was almost cleaned completely out!  I did manage to steal away these gorgeous panels for a new quilt for our little girl S. 

It is coming up to the end of school and sewing term, so I brought these along to get some help with in terms of alignment and what to do with the actual panels.  I had a few ideas, but it is always so helpful to get your project or intended project in front of a group of like minded ladies who like to sew and the added bonus of using the design wall. 

I was short one panel and was going do make a pieced middle when Kathy of Material Obsession came to my rescue and found a panel by Prints Charming that matched perfectly.  It is the panel that is now in the middle of the quilt. 

Next thing to do was to start pulling fabrics and trying to sort out the border for the new project.  I think we got some winners in the pile and I am going to be incorporating lots of my stash.  Somehow whenever I use something out of my stash I feel so good because I think I can go out and buy some more new fabric.  Is that crazy or what? 

I have been working away at night at a new quilt for baby number three that will be born in a month.  Can’t believe how the time is going by so fast!  Never enough time  to get all the projects sorted. 

It isn’t helping me that this project walked into the shop while I was there.  I can’t get it out of my head and I know I will have to make it……..it is meant to be. 


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Here are the final photos of my Garden Party quilt. I love how it turned out and I am feeling a bit sad that it is not mine! I made it for my parents and I hope they will love it as much as I do.

I had this quilt professionally quilted and love how it looks. I am running out of time with some quilting projects and needed a bit of help from the quilting professionals. Material Obsession organized the professional quilting and it is just perfect.

I am hand quilting a baby quilt at the moment finding one night of work is about one square. I have 16 squares to quilt and a border so need to get to work!

If you are interested in making this quilt, I think Material Obsession would make another kit up. I bought mine in January at the shop in Hunters Hill. I only wish I could take credit for mixing these fantastic colors and shapes!

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A good friend of ours recently gave birth to a baby girl. Unfortunately my friend is very against pink which dampened my plans to sew a pink concoction for her new baby.

Material Obsession’s second book did not fail to bring me some inspiration. I love the fresh, bright primary colors in this quilt. Here is my version on the design wall at my class and now has been sewn up and awaiting backing and quilting.

I made another one at the same time for another bub on the way and it was such a fun stash buster too. I indulged in a few new fabric purchases at the show, so need to sew up some of the old!

Yesterday I had to say good-bye to my machine which is getting a much delayed service. It has been running really well, but I thought I should have it looked at while we are away for a week. They broke the news yesterday it is going to be a two week turn around!!! I have plenty of other things to finish, so a self imposed break will not be bad.

School holidays are in force. Day one was ugly, but slowly hitting our groove. Happy sewing all!

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Ah the promise of a new sewing project. I love the anticipation of picking the pattern and fabric.

I was looking for a “slow burn” project that I can work on in front of the television when I am not feeling like hauling the machine out. I did all the prep of the applique project and it took almost a full week of work at night to get all the pieces cut, marked and sorted ready to sew.

The best thing about this project is it is portable and ready to sew now that all the prep work is done. I started the first block last night and it is so easy and relaxing- the opposite to some of the brain teaser quilts I have done in the past.

One block down as of last night, 35 more to go. Slow burn project indeed.

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I just finished the last appliqued leaf on the Garden Party quilt top last night and have a short breather before the next quilts.  I have a few baby projects to work on next, but wanted a “slow burn” project to work on when I am not feeling like sitting at the machine.  

I have had my eye on this applique quilt for awhile. I also like the thought I had most of the fabric on hand. The only thing I am not happy about are the pinks that I am trying to work into the blend.  I am working on all the prep for the project and will get a fresh set of eyes to look at the fabrics when I hit my classroom next week at Material Obsession.    

Hope your week is full of sewing. X

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Sloan’s big bed arrived two weeks ago and I was sewing the binding on this quilt the night before. The photos aren’t terrific, but I took a few close ups that are posted on Flickr.

The pattern is based on “The Burbs” from the Material Obsession book. I found this quilt taught me a lot about myself. I struggled with the fact there is no set “rules” or “pattern” for this quilt. You start with making the doll and house blocks, then you need to pick fabrics and blocks to fill it in and bring the quilt together. I learned so much from making this quilt and I feel like I really grew in understanding different elements of design.

Right now I have a baby girl quilt to make. I am struggling for ideas and flirting with making a small version of this one. My girlfriend who had the baby is anti pink which makes it a bit more of a challenge. Will have to see what I can rustle up.

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One binding sewn on! Feeling very accomplished that I have actually finished something. I am going to start the binding on the girl version that I made for our daughter. Sewing the binding on is such a good project for the nights I haven’t felt motivated to hit the machine.

The recipient, our son, was absolutely elated with it. I have noticed that the light is changing with the darkness setting that much earlier in the night and not as light in the morning too. Winter is coming and the quilts will be ready for the cooler nights.

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