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I love this photo because you can see my cat Coco slinking up the side trying to get in on the act.

I bought this pattern last year at the quilt at craft show. I went again this year and had some major fabric / craft indulgence purchases.  Love that show!  I am trying to improve my record by jumping straight into some of the projects I bought instead of putting them away for the future.

This pattern is from Melly and Me. http://www.mellyandme.typepad.com
is the website on the back. of the pattern. It was super easy to make and the recipient has been hauling it around town non-stop.   The purse is already looking very loved and worn. 

I have been working on a few quilts too and will snap some photos to share soon as well as some photos of some of the other projects.


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Over the school holidays the kids and I finally made this giraffe. I bought the Homespun magazine with this pattern in February of 2009. 

 This one was made of flannel I bought at Spotlight in a pinch. The pattern is from the lovely Fiona at Hop Skip and Jump and is such an easy, fun pattern to follow. The down side was I think I used some inferior fabrics and I wish I had known where to find some more substantial fabrics that make investing the time to make your own special toy really worthwhile. 

Fiona graciously emailed me a few suggestions and then I stumbled upon the most gorgeous mustard yellow wool at Material Obsession. Too late for this round, but next time for sure. If you are interested in lovely wool, Material Obsession has broken out some lovely wools for winter. 

This giraffe was for Sloan and she has loved it silly already. The neck is a little worse for wear post so much 3 year old love. 

I will post some photos of the other two I made with some felt from Spotlight when I can locate them again. My parents were out visiting and helped “hide” them from Sloan and now I can’t find them. Will post more photos when I locate them in my own zoo! 

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I bought a few plain t-shirts from Target for Sloan’s days at preschool. I wanted something that I wouldn’t get too heart broken if they get covered in paint and destroyed on the playground.   The shirts were about $6 and I used all the fabrics I had on hand. 

I came up with a few designs with the help of my little friend and got these ready for the cold weather if it ever arrives. Not that I am complaining that it is still beach weather in April!

There are a few more close ups of the shirts on Flickr.

One more day until school starts. I can’t believe we are heading into term 2 already.
I also finished Sloan’s quilt and will have to post a few photos up on Flickr this week.

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It took me almost a year to start this project and once I started I can’t believe I procrastinated for so long.

I used a free tutorial on the net to make this beanbag. Super easy, but takes a bit of fabric. The print is a Kaffe Fasset and it is a bit more Easter egg than I thought it would be. One of the drawbacks when buying online and not seeing the fabric. Regardless of the Easter colors, the recipient is excited to finally be in possession of the beanbag. No more fights hopefully now that we have two or is that too much to ask during school holidays?

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I found this very cute craft idea in one of the newsletters I received from Kids Craft Weekly which is one of the best kid craft resources out there. You take a wooden spoon, tie some fabric around the neck for a dress and decorate. Sloan loved it and took the creative initiative to make a necklace and crown for her too.

Quilting is coming along well. I don’t think I will finish before Wednesday, but I will be pretty close. Right now the quilt is competing with the book, “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”. I was reading along quite happily and then it hooked me and I am like a drug addict sneaking upstairs to read my “hit”. 

Happy Monday!

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Firstly, we have a tooth update. He did in fact lose his tooth on Christmas Eve. We were at a friend’s house having drinks when it happened. We gave him a plastic bag for said tooth after he refused to relinquish it into my care. When it came time to leave he could not find the tooth. I cannot explain the drama and stress the ensued for my poor little Virgo and myself at 8PM on Christmas eve.

We managed to get home and pretend that my friend would drop the tooth by later and place it in the pillow. There were many tears to say the least.

The next day all was forgotten with Santa’s visit and a lovely note from the tooth fairy.

We have had a wet Christmas which in a way has been nice. All the toys and books have been played with and read which might not have been the case if the sun was shining.

Today we made homemade bath bombs. They need a few days to set so I will update you on the verdict. Very easy to make and the kids were so into it. They want to use them now! The white things are frangipani petals sticking out of the top. We used lavender oil in hopes it will make them tired at bath time.

Here is the link to the directions.

I am chipping away at the hand quilting of Sloan’s quilt and am up to the border. I feel like the finishing line is ahead, but another quilt needs basting and quilting too. Desperate to try to finish them before February. I have been reading my two Material Obsession quilt books and having fantasies about the next project.

Hope you all had a happy Christmas and here is to 2010!!!

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What every girls needs right? A horse purse. Well, if you are a girl obsessed with horses this is the purse to make.

I bought this craft kit at the Darling Harbour show from Central Park Patchwork in Victoria. It was extremely easy to make and a huge hit with Sloan. The materials supplied are beautiful quality and the finished product is exactly like the photos.  The kit is from the UK and here is a link to the Sparrowkids website.  They have some gorgeous projects for kids. 

I am working away at the new quilt. You can get a sneak preview here.

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