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Firstly, we have a tooth update. He did in fact lose his tooth on Christmas Eve. We were at a friend’s house having drinks when it happened. We gave him a plastic bag for said tooth after he refused to relinquish it into my care. When it came time to leave he could not find the tooth. I cannot explain the drama and stress the ensued for my poor little Virgo and myself at 8PM on Christmas eve.

We managed to get home and pretend that my friend would drop the tooth by later and place it in the pillow. There were many tears to say the least.

The next day all was forgotten with Santa’s visit and a lovely note from the tooth fairy.

We have had a wet Christmas which in a way has been nice. All the toys and books have been played with and read which might not have been the case if the sun was shining.

Today we made homemade bath bombs. They need a few days to set so I will update you on the verdict. Very easy to make and the kids were so into it. They want to use them now! The white things are frangipani petals sticking out of the top. We used lavender oil in hopes it will make them tired at bath time.

Here is the link to the directions.

I am chipping away at the hand quilting of Sloan’s quilt and am up to the border. I feel like the finishing line is ahead, but another quilt needs basting and quilting too. Desperate to try to finish them before February. I have been reading my two Material Obsession quilt books and having fantasies about the next project.

Hope you all had a happy Christmas and here is to 2010!!!


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It was sweltering hot yesterday, but we made snowmen! We had a group of kids over for an all day playdate. I think it is really helpful to provide some guidance for some of the time with activities. Otherwise the house gets trashed with the kids taking every toy out and spreading then throughout the house.

This idea came from the book, “Kids in the Holiday Kitchen” by Jessica Strand and Tammy Massman-Johnson. It is such a sweet book filled with fantastic holiday craft ideas to keep the kids hands busy.

We used toothpicks to spear the marshmallows, frosting to “glue” them and assorted candy and chocolate to decorate.  Big hit!  A lot of eating went along with the crafting!

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Can you belive today is the last day of school? I am in shock! So excited to have the kids home and enjoy the house.

Life continues to be a bit of a struggle settling into the new house while co-habitating with builders who are finishing up. We are probably about 85% of the way there and the dirt, dust and mess are disheartening at times.

We are enjoying the house. I had my last Material Obsession class last week. I have two quilts to quilt over the holidays! I am chipping away every night, but find a struggle as I am so tired after having fun all day.

My husband had his birthday yesterday. He got a few little presents and the kids and I whipped up this cake as part of his celebration. It looks amazing and I can’t wait to try it! It needs to sit for a week and a half, so next week we will be tucking into it!

I hope to post some photos of the quilts progress. Otherwise doing a lot of kid Xmas craft and will try to post some photos of our efforts. Crafting has suffered a bit this year, but 2010 watch out!

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The photos I took of the skates on my tree inside were less than stellar so here are the skates on the bushes outside.  I also cut out a few skates to glue together as ornaments as kid versions of the same concept. 

Rhys has one more days of school. Sigh. Christmas really is coming.  I think there is going to be a lot of Christmas kids craft once school is out.

Ornaments and instructions can be found here.

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With great sadness I returned the “Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts” by Joelle Hoverson to the library. I didn’t even peek at the other craft books they have as I need to finish a few ornaments before Christmas. I am sure I will check that book out again I loved it so much.

 The kids are really hard on the delicate Christmas ornaments right now so I opted for a flock of birds for our willow tree (pattern in book above).   It was such an easy, fun way to get ready for Christmas.  It was also a great way to move along some of the smaller scraps I had lingering in my sewing basket.

birdtreeNot all of the birds have perfect beaks, but the way they are being “treasured” by the kids I am okay with it. 

Mark was cleaning out the car tonight and found my missing Heather Bailey pattern for the strawberries!  So excited!  I just have a few skates to finish that I started to compensate for the misplaced pattern and the pent up ornament making need I had.

Rhys is busy decorating the tree and eating candy canes like they are going out of style.

He was back at school this week after his Chicken Pox ended.  We were lucky because it was a light case. Now we are waiting on pins and needles to see if Sloan will come out in spots. 


















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I saw this pencil roll on one of my favorite websites Pink Chalk over a year ago.  I even bought the pencils to make one at the time, but somehow in the moving house and Sloan’s first two years on this planet I never got around to it.   In her absence last week I managed to attempt the pattern!


The pattern is detailed in the book I can’t stop writing about, “Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts” by Joelle Hoverson.  The pattern was very easy to follow and I love the result.  I copied one of Kathy’s inspirations using a black and white print on the outside to juxtapose the burst of rainbow inside.   Kathy sells the pattern in her shop.

This present is heading over to the UK to a good friend of mine who is very artistic.  I hope she will enjoy it and she is a Virgo so I think she will like the super anal organizational quality of it. 

I will definitely attempt this again for the kids.  Fantastic present!

We are still surviving lock down with the Chicken Pox.  Poor Rhys has been suffering in the heat.  Thank goodness it is cooler today. 

I haven’t been able to sew as much since we came grinding to a halt here with illness.  I was ever so clever and bought some sweet strawberry kits and pattern from Heather Bailey a few months ago for Christmas crafting.  I can find the kits, but the pattern?  Geez I annoy myself sometimes!  I have been hunting for two days and going to write it off as something I am sure we will find when we move next year.  Sigh. 

I am reading a fascinating book right now called the “100 Mile Diet” which is about a couple in Vancouver who only eat food in the 100 mile radius of where they lived for a year.  It is a really great book and while I won’t follow suit, I will take on board what they are writing about and make some subtle changes in how we eat.  It has also inspired me to add more to our veggie patch in hopes we can grow just that much more in our backyard.

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Rice Bags = Warm Hugs

filledricebagI made some rice bags (empty) for my parents overseas and another one that was filled.  I heated the filled bag on the freaky cold day we had on the weekend.  The bag has a few spoonfuls of dried lavender in it with the rice and when heated up it was like a warm hug.  Just like the hug I wish I could give the recipients of these presents.  I think they are the best present for the cold weather folks.  That being said, I am cranking out a few more for my girlfriends for a girly lunch.  I am picking out some fabrics that remind me of each friend and that has been a fun part of the exercise.  I am also using some of my special fabrics I have been hoarding.  What better occasion to use them….friends!  Also trying to be a bit more judicious on craft spending and using what I have rather than getting more fabric.   My husband pointed out that I have just a “few” craft items on my side of the bedroom. 

Here is a photo of the empty ones that are heading to cold weather.  They have lavender in the inserts and just in need of rice and a quick sew up the top of the insert.


I followed the tutorial on Sew Mama Sew and it was excellent.  I made mine a lot longer based on a bag I bought a few years ago.  I like the long length for backs and shoulders for maximum heating.

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