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Every night I am working away on hand quilting the eight point star quilt. The first week was really difficult because I had to unlearn some bad habits and implement a new quilting technique. Two weeks later it seems natural and the stitches aren’t as wonky as they were in the start. Practice and patience seem to be the drill.

Meanwhile my head is jumping around with all the projects I want to start. Logically I don’t seem to have a lot of time and I think focus grasshopper. One project is quite enough quilt to bite off. If I want to actually finish this quilt I am going to have to devote all my attention to this project. Have a great weekend.


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Work ahead of me tonight.  Lolly bags to stuff, lavender Sprout print girls to finish sewing, pass the parcel to wrap and my feet are already tired from the “no rain” dance I am doing until Sunday afternoon.

Here are the rockets and lavender Sprout girls for the lolly bags. 

Have a great weekend and sun, sun, sun please!!!!

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I’m going to try and make a few things for Sloan’s birthday for the lolly bags. I know these fabrics aren’t screaming “Halloween” to go with the ghost lollypops, but I am really want to try an alternative to the plastic toys that go directly into landfill.

I bought some lavender and was thinking of some drawer liners out of the skipping girls and some rocket softies for the boys? I am experimenting tonight on the rocket fabric and will see how it turns out. We aren’t having a huge party, so hopefully I can get them all done.

Both fabrics are from Duckcloth. The red one is Sprout Design “Skipping Girl” and the other one is by Prints Charming.

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We celebrated Rhys’ birthday party early this year last Saturday while it was bucketing rain. I am still recovering and will post some photos of the mayhem they created. We threw the party at the house we are going to bulldoze in a few weeks and let them paint the walls, floors, ceilings and each other. The boys went crazy! Primal is a good way to describe it.

The last two years I have made special t-shirts for the celebrations. This year he is obsessed with Speed Racer. I couldn’t find any Speed Racer fabric so I traced this design and embroidered it. It took about four nights to do and we put a number 5 on the back.

He loves it and can’t get enough wear out of it. I love that he indulges my sewing fetish. There are some more photos on Flickr.

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Ballerina Bear

ballerina bear

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A good friend of mine had her Mum knit this gorgeous bear for Sloan’s first birthday. I love to sew and craft, but do not have a lot of people in my life who share in my passion / illness.

I never receive anything handmade and am soooooo honored that someone spent this much time and effort for Sloan. How lucky is she? Sloan loves it and dive bombs it with passion. I love it and think it is a very special toy to be cherished.

Things aren’t so great on the home front. I have the flu and Sloan has a mysterious rash that I am watching like a hawk. Please don’t let it be the pox! She has been a pill since last Friday and was a nightmare at her party. It was her party and she cried if she wanted to. Yikes.

I finished the giant Christmas stocking and will post photos when I am feeling a bit more human.

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Here is the BLUE crown we made together for the “12 Dancing Princesses” party we attended this weekend. We also celebrated Sloan’s official party for her first. I am already lobbying for combined birthday parties next year. Rhys’s party, Halloween, then Sloan’s party has all been too much for me!

The crown was very easy to make. Blue felt sewed together with Lightning McQueen appliques that I cut out from some fabric I had left over from a quilt kit I bought in the USA in July at JoAnn’s.

What can I say about it other than my son does not like to dress up and he loved wearing this. I think it has to do with his involvement and control of the project.

We also appliqued other felt cars on the sides. More photos are available on flickr.

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We have another princess party this weekend for one of Rhys’ friends. The boys are supposed to dress as a knight or prince. Neither option appealed to Rhys so he is going to wear his “Cars” costume again and wear a crown we designed together. Here is the sneak peak on his lap. Blue of course……no other color exists in his world.

Have a great weekend!!!!

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