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A Little Bird

What do you get when you mix a four year old and a craft project? Lots and lots of color and ideas. What initially started as a t-shirt with a small bird escalated into the following photo.

Her enthusiasm was contagious and I just let her run with the ideas she kept spurting out. It makes me smile to see her in it even though that shirt will be too small in a short amount of time. I hope these projects will give her good memories when she is older.


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It has been a long year! Our third baby is turning one and the past year has been a fun filled, sleep deprived blur. I was just showing my older two kids the blog and remembered how much fun I used to have posting. I have been working on a major project that is almost finished so hopefully will be able to post some photos soon. In the meantime here is a project that has been lingering in the craft basket for some time.

The pattern and kit came from Heather Bailey and was so easy and a joy to make. I can’t believe I have had it in there for so long.

Here it is in all it’s completed glory. Hopefully some more projects that have been left collecting dust will see the light of day.

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