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Rhys had  a special sewing request for me. He found some fabric I bought for him when he was a baby and asked for a pillowcase.  I made it for him Saturday night as a surprise and he loves it!

pillowcaseWe’ve decided to put it to good use today with a suspected case of chicken pox.  The poor guy woke up with a rash on his arm and it has slowly crept all over his body!  We had a visit to our GP and she said she would put her money on it being chicken pox!  I know it has been going around, but he has been vaccinated so I was hoping we would escape it.  He will be home this week and probably next week as well!!!!!  AHHHHH



I did a lot of crafting while Sloan was away, so hopefully I can do a few more posts from lock down.  Here he is in all his calamine lotion glory.  Sloan arrived home last night just in time to get a good exposure.  According to the hand out the doctor gave me she should come down with them in about 2 weeks.  Great!  Perfect!  She just had her vaccination two weeks ago so here is hoping she will be okay!



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