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More warm hugs


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Sorry for the poor quality of the photo, but I have wrapped some of them so this is as good as it gets. I was rushing when I took them because the forecast was for rain this week which hasn’t hit just yet.

The lavender smell in the house is heavenly.

Mark has taken Sloan over to see the Grandparents in New Zealand. I am having such a lovely time with Rhys. How easy was it when we just had one child? I totally forgot and he is at such an easy, lovely age.

I am hoping to finish a few more crafts and have been attending to those jobs in the house that I never seem to get to: cleaning out pantry, cleaning closets, cleaning house. Notice a theme…..lots ot clean around here!

I am also indulging in my “Last Minute Patchwork Gifts” book and hopefully will have a few things to show next week.

Enjoy your week. I am enjoying a bit of some breathing space and it feels so nice.


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Rice Bags = Warm Hugs

filledricebagI made some rice bags (empty) for my parents overseas and another one that was filled.  I heated the filled bag on the freaky cold day we had on the weekend.  The bag has a few spoonfuls of dried lavender in it with the rice and when heated up it was like a warm hug.  Just like the hug I wish I could give the recipients of these presents.  I think they are the best present for the cold weather folks.  That being said, I am cranking out a few more for my girlfriends for a girly lunch.  I am picking out some fabrics that remind me of each friend and that has been a fun part of the exercise.  I am also using some of my special fabrics I have been hoarding.  What better occasion to use them….friends!  Also trying to be a bit more judicious on craft spending and using what I have rather than getting more fabric.   My husband pointed out that I have just a “few” craft items on my side of the bedroom. 

Here is a photo of the empty ones that are heading to cold weather.  They have lavender in the inserts and just in need of rice and a quick sew up the top of the insert.


I followed the tutorial on Sew Mama Sew and it was excellent.  I made mine a lot longer based on a bag I bought a few years ago.  I like the long length for backs and shoulders for maximum heating.

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Christmas Crafting


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I found this very cute toy soldier fabric at Spotlight and wanted to make some pillowcases for my six year old nephew. I stumbled upon the “Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts” book at my local library by Joelle Hoverson. It has the most amazing projects. You can see the amount of post it notes I have on the pages in the photo. This is a craft book I would seriously contemplate buying because it is just filled with cute projects. The tablecloth and napkins in it are calling my name right now!

The pillowcase was really easy to make. I wish my topstitching was a bit better, but I think I would try a different tecnique next time. I always seem to learn the hard way on the first time project.

I am going to try to finish up some rice bags as last minute gifts for some overseas friends and family. I bought one and use it all the time especially during winter in our freezing house. I found a great tutorial on the Sew Mama Sew blogand like the idea of the washable cover. I won’t stuff the rice in, just dried lavender and some instructions how to fill and sew off the inside rice bag otherwise the postage on rice bags overseas will kill me!

Happy Christmas crafting everyone. I can’t believe how quickly it is coming!

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Latest baby quilt finished!!! The pattern and a lot of the fabrics were purchased at the Material Obsession stand at the Darling Harbour show this year.

This was a very easy pattern that was fun to sew. I would recommend it to anyone who would like to make a quality baby quilt, but use an easy pattern that will not take weeks to make. It was also such a joyful design for either a boy or a girl.

I am trying to keep up the sewing for some Xmas presents. So far I have a few things nailed down and a lot of ideas still swirling in my head. Hopefully I will have some more to show you soon!

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Did a push this weekend and finished the dolls.  Now running to hide them before Sloan wakes up.  She wants all of them for her and now….not Christmas.  img_3794PS Pattern is from Wee Wonderfuls in case you were wondering.

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Three Christmas dolls waiting for faces and bows. Have a good weekend!

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Gee and Halloween

Halloween was the best one ever.  Other than Sloan refusing to wear her costume, the night was perfect.  Here is one of my favorite photos from the night.  I think it captures the absolute joy, or maybe sugar high, the kids were on answering the door when the trick-o-treaters would ring our bell.

answeringdoorI was pretty exhausted from a late night with the kids, but nothing could stop me from visiting the Gee Bend quilts in Canterbury. 

There were a lot of heavy fabrics and colours used in the quilts.  I realize that part of the beauty of the quilts and their story is the quilters use what is on hand, but the fabrics didn’t appeal to me. 

I did love the simplicity of the designs and some of their use of colors.geepinkgreen1

One lesson I did take away from the Gee Bend quilts was that a quilt doesn’t have to be “perfect” to still be beautiful or meaningful.  The Gee Bend quilts were really lopsided and not perfect squares, but it didn’t take away from the quilts.  I think I get a bit too focused on trying to make my quilts follow traditional “rules” and trying to make them perfect squares or rectangles. 

There were also a lot of international quilts at the exhibit and the Japanese ones were just breathtaking.  The attention to detail and use of fabrics just took your breath away.    Here is a photo of just one of the beautiful Japanese quilts.  I have posted lots of photos on Flickr. 

Okay, back to sewing on a quilt binding and I have dolls that need stuffing and faces.  I did a quick visit to my sewing basket and there are a lot of projects started and not finished.  I am going to try and focus grasshopper….and finish some of them!


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