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I left the show full of craft projects and enthusiasm! Saturday night I was planning to upload photos, update the blog, and work on the next baby quilt for my cousin. My husband was at the pub watching the rugby so it was going to be me, a glass of wine and craft.

There was a soft knock at the door about 6:30PM and I was greeted with the news that our cat Tiger had been attacked by a dog on the street and was in a bad way.

I had to call my husband home, organize a neighbour to watch the kids until he came and then ran the cat to the emergency vet. I didn’t even recognize my poor cat that was torn, covered in blood and lifeless. I think he was dead when I picked him up, but I still wanted him looked at by a vet in case there was anything that could be done.

We are so very sad. The tears just keep coming and coming. This little guy was part of our family for eight years. I am sick at the thought of how he went and the pain he must have experienced on that cold, winter night.

Peace Tiger. We miss you and life is not going to be the same without you.


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