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Okay, that move really kicked my ass. Combined with the whole family coming down with horrible chest / head colds. Timing! It has been a couple of tough weeks and very happy that is behind us.

Most boxes are unpacked and the house is slowly, slowly coming together. Enough of the hard work already! Very ready for someone to magically wave a wand to get our house and health back in order.

First project post house is to finish the backing of the baby quilt and send that off in the mail. I decided to go with a solid backing to tame down the busy front.

Here is a sneak peak of other Spotlight purchases from yesterday. God I love that place!

Sorry for the long break from the blog. I will slowly get back to posting now that I am getting my mojo back!


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May Week

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Not a lot of sewing to report, but a lot of eating, packing and celebrating.

Monday we had a farewell lunch in Sydney and while I was crossing the road a group of photographers started snapping at a furious pace. I was wondering why they were taking my photo when I turned around to spot Russell Crowe and his son behind me! Love a celebrity sighting!

Wednesday night a very talented woman I am lucky enough to call a personal friend, Belinda Alexandra, came and spoke at our book club. Belinda is a very talented Aussie writer who writes historical novels. Very compelling stories and hard to put down. Please check out “White Gardenia”, “Silver Wattle” and “Wild Lavender”.

Yesterday was my birthday and we had a great day at the park digging in the sand and eating birthday cake with a fabulous group of ladies and kids who made my day very special. Photo is of Rhys and his best mate wearing the garbage truck shirts and pushing surprise, surprise garbage trucks!

Lastly, Dart and Tiger got new collars for the impending move this week. Dart is sporting a snazzy red rhinestone number. Flashy or trashy I just can’t decide.

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Somewhere between exiting corporate life, having babies and fluctuating body sizes between pre/ post babies and feedings, my closet got bigger, but not necessarily better.

We have been moving house and one of my vows was to clean it out and not take all of it with me.

Serendipity stepped in and I met a lovely lady at one of my favorite shops who consults wardrobes as a living! She came over and made me get seriously real and cull my wardrobe. I had to try everything on and the judgement was firm, but very fair.

The three bags are full of suits I used to wear that are very out of fashion, clothes I was just hanging onto, and some really bad choice I am blaming on lack of sleep post kids.

The net result is a much, much smaller wardrobe that is more reflective of my lifestyle. I can find things a lot faster and feel liberated. Part of my birthday / mother’s day is now going shopping to add some things that have been highlighted as missing in the closet.

Here is to losing a lot of dead weight. Feeling lighter and better for it!

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Canon came through and fixed the camera ASAP. No explanation on why the camera packed up on me when it was less than a year old. I am just trying to appreciate that it is back and I am trying to embrace the just “let it go” sensation of it all.

Here is our latest fall t-shirt creation. Rhys is obsessed with garbage / rubbish and recycling and all aspects of the process. We copied this picture of the rubbish truck and then I sewed it on with blue thread on the machine. It isn’t my best work (wheels are a bit wonky), but he loves it and I made one for his best mate too. Big hit with the boys! I was a bit distracted in finishing it due to packing and organizing, but he took me to task on finish them.

Have a great weekend and hope to be back with more regular posts!

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Day one of fabulous holiday without kids and the camera blew up!  This time I would like to mention that it had nothing to do with too much champagne consumption on my part.   Unhappy would be a mild statement of my emotions over it, but a few hours later without the kids I forgot all about it!  

Hopefully Canon will pull through for me.  The camera is not even six month old, so hopefully they will fix it or swap it out for me.  

Holiday was fabulous and so good that I didn’t stitch once!  I discovered I am not built for tropical, equatorial living with my hair looking so frizzy that my GHD straightener couldn’t save me, sweating all the time and hot, hot, hot.  I even got burnt in the shade with sunscreen! 

Last night I finished one of the twin’s quilt tops.  I think I was delaying sewing it all together because I knew it would be a challenge.  Once I finished, it wasn’t that bad to bring together.  Now, to start another quilt for the other baby.  Also in the process of starting to pack some moving boxes.  I am actually excited to get in there and cull like the wind. 

Hope everyone else is well in blog land.  Will be back soon I promise!   

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