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Blog Update

Hi everyone!  I hope 2008 is going well in the craft world.  I am still sans camera and hopefully will be back up and running late this week or early next week.  Sloan is close to walking, so I am really anxious to get that camera back!

 Not a lot to share of the craft front.  We are in the throws of selling the house and all extra energy post kids is going into cleaning and organizing the house for the viewings.  I cannot wait for it to be over….. fingers crossed for me.  Sewing and the minimalist look don’t really go hand and hand.  Sigh.  


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Apparently taking photos on New Years while walking after a few champagnes does not mix with cameras.  I dropped ours and bent the lens!  I am the black thumb of electronics also breaking our DVD player of one year.   Will be back as soon as the camera is back from the camera doctor!  Happy New Year! 

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