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I am writing this in a post Halloween sugar haze.
What a night! We had hoards of trick-o-treaters and lots of the neighborhood decorated their houses and really participated in all the fun.

Sloan was a star as suggested by big brother. Her favorite song is “Twinkle Twinkle”, so thus the star inspiration.

I had rats running up my outfit and nesting in my hair. Pretty gross, but the kids loved it! I bought the rats at Spotlight and sewed them on my outfit and hair clips. Easy costume, but also good scare factor.

Lastly, my “Cars” nut was Lightning McQueen. I have embraced his obsession and going with it.

I hope you had a happy Halloween. The night closes now on my favorite holiday which is behind us for another year….sigh. I am going to bring the pumpkin in and enjoy it’s glow in the dark.

Happy Halloween!


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Dolls For A Doll


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Just a reminder, two more sleeps until Halloween. Costumes are done and I will post some photos after the 31st.

Rhys started preschool this year. Prior to preschool he attended one day of day care and did not like it one bit. He would start “the chant” the minute we would get in the car, “No school” and “the chant” would continue until we arrived. It was not pretty for anyone involved. Due to his negative experience at daycare I was very apprehensive when he started preschool. I was worried about the change and new chants that it might provoke.

We have been blessed with two of the most fabulous teachers who have really helped Rhys transition to school. He has taken to preschool like a duck to water and I know his two teachers are behind his success.

I donated one of Hillary Lang’s Wee Wonderful dolls for a school fundraiser and one of Rhys’ teachers fell in love with her. She asked me to make one for her niece and one for her in case she ever has a little girl. I hope I haven’t cursed her with boys now that she has the doll. I feel like it was the very least I could do considering I should be paying them danger money to take Rhys off my hands for two days a week.

Happy Halloween everyone! See you after Wednesday!

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Halloween Madness!


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Did I happen to mention that Halloween is my favorite holiday? More so than Christmas and all the rest? Love, love, love it! In previous years it has been so hard to find Halloween pumpkins and if you can find them they cost an absolute bomb. I made these pumpkins a few years ago from a Vogue pattern. The fabrics are from JoAnn’s in the States. Five more sleeps until Halloween.

I hope you have some lollys on hand for the ghosts.

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Backhoe excavator t-shirt

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Alright, enough pink and dolls. Here is a photo of my gorgeous four year old Rhys. He was invited to a backhoe loader party earlier this year and this is what we made to wear for the occasion. We made one for his friend too in yellow which looked great on the blue background, but Rhys had to have blue. Go construction equipment!

For some reason Rhys is really into wearing his clothes backwards. I am on the front line fighting a lot of “battles” right now, so this is one that I am completely letting go. Check out his pants. Also check out the shiner on his chin. 100% boy.

We are almost finished on a birthday craft that hopefully we can post on this week.

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We had a big weekend celebrating one year with Sloan.  We had some friends over and ate way too much and I drank way too much pink champagne in her honor.  One year is a big moment for all of us.  How blessed have we been to have her join our family?   It is like she has always been here and part of us.  It is hard to write just how lucky I feel to have her in our lives and how much she completes our family.

I made this Jennifer Pudney embroidery piece when I was expecting Rhys.  When he showed up it just felt too feminine for his room.  I kept it aside just in case the stork brought a little girl in the future and here it is framed and finally hung in her room. 


We finally got our gear together and hung all the pictures and dolls in her room to make it look like her space.  Here is a photo of the doll garland hung on her wall.  I think it looks so sweet and perfect for our lady. Her room is dark, so this is as bright as I could get the photo.


We are going to start some Halloween and birthday crafts this afternoon.  Watch out!

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Row of Dolls

Sloan’s first birthday is this Sunday and I cannot believe she is one!  How did this year pass by so quickly?  I was convinced that we were having a boy so not a lot of pink or feminine things went into the baby’s nursery.  Her quilt has not shown up yet, but I thought we could at least hang some of the pictures in her room to make it look a bit more like a girls room.  We are going to hang these dolls on her wall.  Her room is quite dark, so I thought I would try and photograph them outside where you can see the details a bit better.


Last time I went home I found these dolls I made when I was a little girl.  They were based on a book on old fashioned, prairie type dolls.  I think I had to be around eight or nine when I made them. The embroidery was very, very average on the faces so I pulled it out and rejuvenated them. 


You can see where I embroidered names on the bottom of the dresses which I did not change.  I sewed them together in a row.   I still have the original pattern book if anyone would like the details I am sure I can find it in the attic.


Halloween decorating has commenced and will post some photos soon.  I have put the Christmas stocking aside for the moment, but I am tracking well and seeing major light at the end of the tunnel!  

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Clothes drying in the sun

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Today has been declared blog environmental awareness day. Before I write more on my environmental high horse, I want to clarify that I wear leather shoes, eat meat and tofu is occasionally added to our stir-fry. The changes I have made over the years are humble ones, but changes none the less.

Australia has been suffering a terrible drought for the past five years and I think we are all aware of the effects on farmers, our grocery bills and the state of the economy. I know I was getting extremely worried when the dam that feeds Sydney was hovering in the high 30% range earlier this year. That is low!

We have made a lot of changes in our water consumption in our daily life. In my mind it is all the little things we can do in our daily routine that will add up. We turn taps off when we brush our teeth, wait for the washing machine to be full before we run laundry, and try to instill that water is a resource in our kids and not to waste it. When Sloan was using her baby bath we would water the garden with the ”grey” water. We also try to bath the kids together to save on water usage.

A big change I made about two years ago is I try to dry all our laundry outside using the hot, free Aussie sunshine. We have two young children and a husband who works out five days a week, so we are churning laundry out at an alarming rate. It does take more time and effort, but it makes me feel good to use the line instead of the dryer.

Another basic change we made about three years ago is we use enviromentally sound bags when we grocery shop. I also carry a small bag inside my handbag so I can refuse bags at shops when I am out for smaller items. Sometimes life gets in the way and I stuff up and forget the bags at home, or buy more than the bags I have and then have to get a plastic bag, but overall we have dramatically reduced our plastic bag consumption.

Cloth napkins are also a great way of getting away from using more paper products. I smell a great excuse to get sewing out there!

I also think that sewing is a great skill that we can use to reuse items or make our own.

Happy blog environment awareness day! I hope we can all make changes together.

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