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Sloan crawling with necklaceNecklaceMy friend Megan gave me the most beautiful handmade necklace from Agentina.  Megan is my best friend and is an extremely brave woman.  She had a very safe, comfortable, boring job making a lot of money.  She gave it all up to travel the world and has now started her own business.  She is an amazing woman and look how gorgeous this necklace is!  The rows are gold Argentinian coins chained together.  It is stunning and I am reminded how lucky I am to have her in my life everytime I wear it.   I am having  a lot of sewing spurts in between kids, attempting tweaking website and life.  Hopefully will have some project updates next week with some progress. Have a great weekend!


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Flags done!

Pink!Row of flagsWe are about two weeks away from birthday party.  Countdown is on!  The flags look great, but I still can’t help but laugh as we now have a huge box of plastic flags from my husband’s work function.  It is going to look a bit out of control at the park.  Rhys and I have been doing a few rough drawings for some “Cars” characters we are going to applique on a t-shirt we bought.  I am also working on two girls quilts.  One is for a dear friend who is having her third little girl and one is for my little girl.  It looks like an expolsion of pink around here! 

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Birthday sewing!

flag-fabric-bundle.jpgWelcome Sydneysiders!  I have been an avid follower of a lot of craft blogs around the world.  I decided to start a Sydney based one to share sewing, life and trials as a mother juggling too many projects and too little time with a passion for sewing and craft.  Our son is turning four next month and is a passionate “Cars” movie lover.  He has a real connection to Lightning McQueen, but wishes he was blue (favorite color) instead of red.   We are embracing the “Cars” love and I have started sewing some flags for the park party.  Just when I thought I was doing something really cool, my husband came home from a work conference that had a race car theme.  He came bearing a large box of checkered flags (plastic) that are going to look great spread around the trees. Maybe shouldn’t have bothered with all that sewing!  At any rate, Rhys loves it and has enjoyed participating in the project.  We are a few weeks away.  Next project for party…..special t-shirt for him to wear. 

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